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Granger and ask to borrow a frindle.

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• Students will analyze Frindle through a series of questions designed to explore the book in depth and exercise students’ critical thinking skills. .

Granger and ask to borrow a frindle.
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Andrew Clements' children's book, Frindle, is the story of Nick Allen who sets out to answer the question of whether a group of fifth graders can impact the English language. Anna Wang 2. /(6621 7:(17<.

Check Pages 1-50 of Frindle in the flip PDF version. . 112 pages ; 20 cm. Environment Setup. 3 Energy Island. Nick is a precocious young man who sparks an event that will help to reshape his mischievous nature.


The printables on this page were created to go along with Andrew Clements' novel, Frindle. .

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